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Feel the peace of mind of knowing what will happen in your life after your complimentary Case Review & Strategy Consultation.

The lawyer you choose after being charged is the most important decision you will make. Our team is here to fight for you and your rights. We will consider what YOU want: Do you want this case to be resolved as quickly and discretely as possible or do you want to fight these charges all the way? Here are some questions we’ll discuss during your Case Review & Strategy Consultation:

  • How do the charges compare to what actually happened?
  • How does the process work and what should I expect?
  • What are my factual and legal defenses?
  • Am I going to jail? Is my judge reasonable?
  • Are my goals realistic? How can we accomplish those goals?

Discover what we can do to get you through this situation- without going to jail, losing your job, or ruining your record.

We want to help you gain your footing… It’s amazing what can be accomplished during a short meeting with the right person! Everyone can benefit from consulting with a professional criminal defense attorney. Not only will you find out information about the law, but we’ll discuss the prosecutors and judges that are assigned, or will be, to your case. We’ll discuss your potential for a positive outcome, and give you a plan of action to make your goals a reality. If you’re ready to demystify the legal system and take charge of your defense, type your details into the form below.

What to Expect…

After you click the “Submit” button, expect a call from our Office within one day, seven days a week. You’ll end this preliminary call with a date and time blocked off on your calendar for your Case Review & Strategy Consultation. During your meeting, you and Kelly Ann will discuss your potential for a positive outcome, and give you a plan of action to make your goals a reality. We provide this complimentary service because we have found this is the best way for you to see how the law firm of Bautista Booth & Parkinson thinks and acts. Then, if you like what we do and how we do it, hire us to represent you and we’ll start fighting back. Together.

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