Child Abuse

Sometimes even good parents are charged with child abuse. Whether dealing with an out-of-control teenager or discipling younger children so the don’t get out-of-control...


Wire fraud. Bank fraud. Mail fraud. Many fraud charges originate from business deals gone bad. Our clients are brokers, agents, and business owners. In today’s political climate...

Domestic Violence

Under Utah law, domestic violence (sometimes called domestic abuse or domestic assault) is an enhancement that can be added to almost any crime through a show of force.

Salt Lake DUI Attorney

You’ve got a DUI, now what? Even if you were driving tipsy, don’t roll over and play dead! You need to fight back so you can save your license, keep your insurance rates low, and avoid jail.

Property Crimes

Bad economic times have left many Utahns in desperate conditions. Good people find themselves in bad situations that turn worse when the law catches up with them.

Fire Crimes

Many people are charged with firearm charges not knowing that it was illegal for them to possess a gun. Whether you have a decade old felony conviction...

Drug Crimes

A good attorney who knows how to fight drug charges looks in two places first: Illegal searches and forensics.