Utah Child Abuse Defense

Sometimes even good parents are charged with child abuse. Whether dealing with an out-of-control teenager or discipling younger children so the don’t get out-of-control, parents often find themselves in difficult situations where criminal charges are filed. But in Utah, prosecutors rarely differentiate between child abusers and difficult, personal, family situations.

Our firm specializes in helping parents and families navigate the very complex and unfeeling legal system to keep your family together—and you out of jail.

If you have been charged with a felony or misdemeanor, we can help. We get families help, DCFS out of your life, and criminal charges dismissed. Call us now so we can evaluate your case.


2nd Degree Felony Child Abuse (spanking)- Plea in Abeyance Class A Misd (Dismissed)
2nd Degree Felony Child Abuse (child unattended in car)- Dismissed
3rd Degree Felony Child Endangerment- Pled to reduced charge Class B Misdemeanor
Class A Misdemeanor Child Abuse- Plea in Abeyance (Dismissed)
Class A Misdemeanor Child Abuse- Acquitted at trial (Dismissed)
Class B Misdemeanor Child Abuse (unattended child)- Plea in Abeyance (Dismissed)


When child abuse charges are filed, the Division of Child and Family Services is called; they may take your child into custody or initiate a case in juvenile court. Our firm handles these proceedings for you in addition to your criminal case. We know how to work the system to get your children back and get DCFS out of your life quickly.