Utah Drug Crime Attorney

A good attorney who knows how to fight drug charges looks in two places first: Illegal searches and forensics.

Illegal searches lead many good people into being charged with drug crimes. Because people rarely have drugs out in the open, cops often profile people and look for reasons to search their homes, cars, or their person.

Cops sometimes threaten people or their friends (such as passengers in a car) with arrest or serious criminal charges to coerce confessions and consent to search. Coerced confessions and illegal searches violate your rights and, if properly argued in court, will result in the suppression of evidence. You need an attorney who is skilled in the law and will not let the cops get away with violating your rights. Our firm has handled hundreds of cases just like yours. We’ve suppressed illegally obtained evidence, resulting in dismissed cases.

The second defense that good attorneys use to fight drug charges is forensics. Yes, the stuff you see on CSI not only works for the cops, but can work for you. The key is to make prosecutors prove their case. Often times, prosecutors will try to save money by not sending their evidence to the State Crime Lab for testing. Without testing, they cannot convict you. Without fingerprints, they cannot prove you touched it. Without weighing it, you could be convicted of a more serious crime.

Many attorneys do not put the prosecutor to the test, and allow their clients to be convicted or take bad plea deals. Our firm has gotten charges and cases dismissed because we put the prosecutors to their burden on the forensics. You need an attorney who works every angle available to fight your charges.

You need an experienced attorney fighting for you. Call us now and let us evaluate your case. You will see that we know what we are talking about, and we are good at what we do. Consultation is free.


2nd Degree Felony Possession (14 lbs MJ)- Plea in Abeyance Class A Misd (Dismissed)
2nd Degree Felony Possession in Drug Free Zone- Plead down to Class B Misdemeanor
3rd Degree Felony Possession- Plead down to Class B Misdemeanor
Misdemeanor Spice Possession- Dismissed
Misdemeanor Possession of MJ & Paraphernalia- Diversion (Dismissed)


When the cops take your money or vehicle during a drug bust, we fight to get it back. We have recovered tens of thousands of dollars for our clients. Don’t Utah’s seizure law (also known as forfeiture) is complex and tedious, but our experienced attorneys know all the ins and outs to get your money back, fast.