Felony Possession of Firearms


Many people are charged with firearm charges not knowing that it was illegal for them to possess a gun. Whether you have a decade old felony conviction, or were convicted of a misdemeanor domestic violence offense, you probably did not know that you could be charge with a firearm charge. Similarly, Utah makes it a crime to possession a weapon and any illegal drug; that means that if you keep a gun in your nightstand and have even as little as a one illegal pill or joint, you can be charged with a felony gun crime.


A recent United States Supreme Court decision (D.C. vs. Heller) has turned federal gun laws on their head. If you’ve been charged with a federal gun crime because you have a past felony conviction that is ten or more years old, or if your felony conviction was for a non-violent crime, it is very important that you fight your charge—it could be dismissed. You need an experienced attorney who knows how to handle your case. We have fought federal gun charges and won. Call us now so we can evaluate your case.


Federal Felony Gun Charge – Pled to reduced charge and received probation
Federal Felony Gun Charge – Pled to reduced charge and released on time served
3rd Degree Felony Gun Charge – 12 of 13 charges dismissed
Class B Misdemeanor Discharge of Firearm in City – Diversion (Dismissed)