Utah Fraud Defense Attorney


Wire fraud. Bank fraud. Mail fraud. Many fraud charges originate from business deals gone bad. Our clients are brokers, agents, and business owners. In today’s political climate, Utah and federal prosecutors are overly zealous in prosecuting claims of fraud and often wind up charging victims or innocent participants with fraud charges.

Our background in commercial litigation and real estate make us uniquely experienced and knowledgeable about your case. Many criminal defense attorneys know fraud law, but most have never been involved in commercial and business deals—they do not have the background to know how to defend fraud charges on the facts.

The Law Offices of Kelly Ann Booth has handled Utah and federal fraud cases and have resolved them or kept charges from being filed. We work with forensic accountants, investigators, and experts to prepare reports and audits that prove our clients’ innocence. And when you have made a mistake, we are there to mitigate the consequences. Call us now and let us evaluate your case.


In some cases, law enforcement will seize or freeze your accounts and property. Whether it’s a federal or state forfeiture, our firm knows the ins and outs of asset forfeiture and has successfully recovered tens of thousands of dollars seized by the government.

And if your case will involve making restitution, call us right away—especially if charges have not been filed—so that we can help you make sure every penny counts for restitution and your family assets are protected. In some cases, we advise you to make restitution before charges are filed, and in other cases you will definitely not want to make restitution before a plea deal or litigation strategy is in place. Let us help you know what to do and when to get you through this.