Property Crime Defense

Bad economic times have left many Utahns in desperate conditions. Good people find themselves in bad situations that turn worse when the law catches up with them. Whether you have been charged with shoplifting or taking money or property from another, we can help. Often, we can even get the charges dismissed.

Recent changes in Utah law have made it even more important for you to have an experienced attorney knowledgeable in theft crimes. Our firm has represented hundreds of people charged with theft crimes. There is usually an underlying problem in a person’s life that has led them theft charges. We work with our clients to keep your record clean so you don’t lose your job and make matters worse. Call us now and let us help you.


Utah prosecutors often overcharge shoplifting crimes as robberies, and simple thefts as burglaries. These cases are fact intensive, and we fight them by gathering evidence and hiring investigators to prove your innocence. Without a thorough investigation and preparation, you will be at the mercy of the prosecutor and may be convicted of a felony instead of a minor misdemeanor. We have helped many clients just like you fight these charges. Call us now—we can help.


2nd Degree Felony Burglary – Pled to a reduced Class B Misdemeanor- no jail
2nd Degree Felony Theft by Deception – Plea in Abeyance (Dismissed)
3rd Degree Felony Theft – Plea in Abeyance (Dismissed)
Many Class A & B Misdemeanor shoplifting cases – Dismissals and Pleas in Abeyance